Grandsons of Anarchy

Sometimes I mull over a topic for a long spell before putting it to print. At other times, things just arrive as a gift, something that just begs to be told or shared. Usually, in my particular life, it is things of humor. Such was the following picture.

Grandsons of Anarchy?

My dear grand, Jordan, wants me to keep every ring from every cupcake that he enjoys at my house. My daughter says that only a grandmother would harbor such things, but I do have a spot in a utility drawer where I drop these little plastic rings. Last weekend, when he discovered that I had all these rings, he just HAD to put them all on. That’s when the laugh caught me: he looked like a member of the Sons of Anarchy!

The ever-sexy Jax Teller (played by Charlie Hunnam) wearing those rings! (Not off cupcakes I’ll betcha.)

I sent the picture to his mother, entitled GRANDONS OF ANARCHY. As seems to be our pattern these days, we find something of interest on Netflix and just grab hold. We have become a family of binge-watchers. First it was Dexter, then it was West Wing and now we have been knee deep in Sons of Anarchy. It is such a delicious blend of crime and family, plus a lot of sexy-time. Sort of like The Sopranos on motorcycles. The actor who plays “Tigger,” Kim Coates, was asked to describe the series in 30 seconds. He said something like, “Hug, shoot, drink, make love, hug, shoot, drink, make love . . . .“ Well, you get the picture. If you have watched the series you will understand the allure of riding a motorcycle at 90 miles an hour and having the connection of a deep family relationship with others. Yet the series is a painful one to watch since it seems to me to be all about the unraveling of the family and the SAMCRO legacy. (SAMCRO is the acronym for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club Redwood Original.)

The SAMCRO gang in all their glory.

Also, like the Sopranos, you find yourself liking the characters, while at the same time reminding yourself regularly that they are hooligans.  Okay. They are more than hooligans and thugs . . . they are murderous criminals with a penchant for revenge. They have created a unique family that sticks together and supports each other, usually in supportive ways often lacking in real family relationships.

Perhaps looking at a definition of the word “anarchy” will be helpful. Try this on for size:

a state of disorder due to absence or non-recognition of authority

What grandchild wouldn’t want to ignore authority? And what grandparent finds himself or herself relinquishing much of the power that s/he asserted as a parent? Deep down inside we know that the same rules of order should apply to grandchildren, we find ourselves thinking that it is OK to spoil and surrender to our grandkids and let mom and/or dad fix things. (This we think with a snicker bordering on an out-and-out buh-wah-ha-ha.)

There's this . . .
There’s this . . .
 . . . and this . . .
. . . and this . . .
. . . and This!
. . . and This!

Although my grandson is not a murderous criminal—unless a spider or beetle is in the hood—he does have a well-defined moral compass. In fact, I have teasingly called him “MC” to his mother, for Moral Compass of course. If I blurt anything stronger than a shucks or dog gone it, he is quick to say, “OOOOHHHH! Gigi, that’s a bad word!” Because he is so unusually intelligent (as are all grandchildren), he doesn’t follow this with “You can’t say that word.” He follows with this: “If you can say that, then I can say that too!” Oh whoopee. Please don’t tell mommy! (“Guess what Gigi said today?”)

If you have watched this series, you might feel creeped out or just downright offended that I would or could compare my dear little grand to “the Sons.” But there are some definite similarities beyond the crime and Mayhem. Jordan loves his mommy at least as much as Jax Teller loved his. Jordan’s mommy, however, is a much kinder and much-much less conniving version of motherhood. Like Jax, Jordan feels somewhat entitled. To what? To everything! The world is his oyster . . . or at least the toy aisle at Target is such. He has a well-honed need for revenge. If you don’t believe this, just eat the last cupcake and see the madness and mayhem that result. He loves tattoos . . . fortunately his wash off at the end of the day.

The obligatory tattoo
The obligatory tattoo
Not my granson, thank goodness. The littlest hood? Check out the chest hair on that tee!
Not my granson, thank goodness. The littlest hood? Check out the chest hair on that tee!
So maybe the real lesson here is to guide and direct, teach and redirect, love and discipline, reward and accept these grands so they will grow up to be doctors, lawyers, merchants and chiefs . . . rather than sons of anarchy who prefer lawlessness and revenge to peace and justice. May our generation of grandchildren lead us all into the peaceful kingdom. Amen and amen.